Corporate America has created a billion dollar money machine, but now is your chance to expose these criminals, who use phony MSRP, phony sales, bait & switch, high pressure and other unsavory methods to cover their overhead, make as much as possible to satisfy their greed while ripping off the consumer! Now is your chance to get a piece of that pie, while educating your “friends”/clients– saving them hundreds of dollars, while you pocket amazing profits with our New Economy business models. We have perfected a model that works perfectly in the New Economy. We leverage technology, buying power, Internet marketing, networking and word-of-mouth referrals and eliminate the risky overhead and high store rents normally associated with retail mattress sales. You will find the PerfectDreamer Solution to be the best of both worlds. Consumers will be able to take advantage of Rock Bottom prices, as offered by some Internet sites, but also have the advantage of a Local Dealer (or your representative) that can personally meet with customers and demo the mattresses. Additionally, you will ensure that the purchases are delivered to the customer’s satisfaction. By taking care of your customers, you will be amazed at the abundance of referral business you will receive and because of the elimination of overhead and expensive advertising, you will undercut the retail “discount” stores and actually earn a higher “net” profit or bottom line.