PerfectDreamer Premium Mattresses is our National Name Brand Mattress line made in the U.S.A. with quality manufacturing specifications designed to compete against the “S” brands at 20-30% less. The key is spending $0 on national advertising and using “word of mouth” advertising that is very effective and we pass the savings on to you with phenomenal low wholesale prices which can allow you to undercut the traditional retail stores and make as much profit as they do.

The purpose of a PerfectDreamer SleepShop is to capitalize on New Economy buying habits, where knowledgeable consumers use the Internet to research the very best values on the Market. This phenomenon allows us to siphon off business from the Big Box stores like MattressFirm, Sleepy’s, Mattress Train, Slumberland, etc. with a Proven Business Model.

Our Model is lean & mean, with NO EMPLOYEES, however, we build a Team of Partners and create revenue for many families in need that can help you grow your business. Instead of paying money to the Corporate Media Conglomerates, with No Guaranteed Return On Investment, and in many cases you end up losing money on radio, tv, newspaper, magazine and coupon companies. We teach you how to form alliances, promote and market your business with little to no advertising cost.

Over the last 40 years, we have learned many effective strategies for increasing business for pennies on what others spend and we will pass that on to you. Remember, we are your Marketing Partner and we only make money as you generate sales through distribution. Your Success determines Our Success. That’s the right way business should be done in the “New Economy”.